Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute Kids!!! They look like they are having fun.
Love Grandma Grant

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cruiseing with the family

We dressed up a couple of nights, and had some fancy dinners with waiters and everything. This was taken in the Atrium. We went to a resort in Puerto Villarta. It was really beautiful. The temperature was 90 degrees.

I went Para-Sailing in Cabo San Lucas. It was awesome!!!!! I told Dennis to take pictures so everyone would believe that I did it!

We saw a whale and a bunch of seals in Cabo. It was nice to be off the ship.

Grandpa love to barter in Flea Markets. He finally got a hat and we had to carry the thing all the way home on the plane.

We were at a resort in Cabo. Our ship is in the background. It was a beautiful place out on the cliffs

This was taken on the ship. We didn't even get sea sick. We did eat until we were sick.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Family Updates

Kirk and the little woman in his life. Kylee.
Jerica and Amber, the life of the parties.

Grandma and Shay on her 14 th birthday. And yes she IS taller than her Grandma!!!

Donny,Shelly,Shay and Alyssa. Shelly did a great job of organizing everything.

Today was Alyssa's baptism. Mitch did the honors of getting to baptize her and her Grandpa Argyle confirmed her. Grandpa Grant spoke. We had a luncheon in the gym. It was very nice.
It was also Shay's 14th Birthday. It was a very special day for everyone.